"“ … they were come unto the land of Beulah, where … the trumpets continually sound so melodiously."

Saturday, 12 February 2011

Belated Happy New Year

Well we all seem to have survived the cold winter, and at last Spring appears to be around the corner.
A snippet in the Rhyl Journal by Rhian Waller brought us an enquiry from Simon Price, a drummer, who joined us for a couple of practices, and we hope he will become a permanent band member.
We had another enquiry from Abergele Carnival Committee asking us to play at this year's Carnival. All because Rhian was looking for local charity stuff to put in the paper!! Nice one Rhian, thanks very much.
The first Committee meeting of 2011 was held at Jeff's house. Jeff slipped on the ice before Christmas and broke his ankle in two places. I'm glad to say he is now well on the mend, and we hope he will be back in the Bass section before long. Some people will do anything to avoid Jim's exasperated shout of "BASSES!"
Fred Williams, solo cornet player, has also been absent for some time, due to illness. We hope his operation has been successful, and that he will soon be back on the front row.