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Monday, 26 December 2011

Well earned rest

Well that's it for another year. We had a very busy Christmas season this year, culminating in carols in the square in Conwy on Christmas eve.

It had been a really lovely day, sunny and dry and very mild. We were due to play at 5.30pm. At 4.30 it started to rain, just a bit, nothing to worry about. It stopped about 5.15, just to lull us into a sense of false security. Then it started again, and it kept on,and on, and on. There was no cover for us, but as the old song goes "the band played on". Allen conducted for the first half, which was a selection of Christmas numbers while the crowd gathered. and despite the appalling weather, gather they did, with a forest of brollies, which reminded me of the Pavarotti concert in Hyde Park back in the '90s. Never let it be said that Conwy folk are not hardy!!

We found it difficult to see the dots because of the rain, despite having the music in plastic sleeves, as the raindrops were literally running down the page. Once the crowd had assembled Mary took over conducting for the community carols, for which we were joined by Sioned Terry who sang a few solo verses. Fortunately the MC decided not to do all 11 carols that were on the sheet, as by now we were frozen and very soggy. We ended up with a rousing chorus of Rudolph the red nosed reindeer, which was very much enjoyed by all present. The crowd then departed to watch Santa's arrival at the Castle, and the band were able to get home to dry out themselves and their music, having poured out the water that had collected down the bells of the horns, euph and basses.

In spite of it all, it was very enjoyable, and was a lovely way to put us really in the Christmas spirit. Hopefully they will ask us to return next year, and maybe it won't rain!

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