"“ … they were come unto the land of Beulah, where … the trumpets continually sound so melodiously."

Thursday, 27 February 2014

Social and Entertainment evening

On Wednesday 19th February we held a social and entertainment evening. This date happened to coincide with Big Jim's 70th birthday, and a new arrangement of Happy Birthday was played.  So that Jim wouldn't recognise the tune that he was conducting (hopefully!) it was entitled "Tavallodet Mobarak", that being Happy Birthday in Persian(Farsi).
We were then entertained by 24 musical numbers, some as solos, some duets, and other ensembles, including a quartet for 5 (yes, only in Beulah Brass!).  The learners also took part and played exceptionally well, especially Haulwen and Gwenda.  Brian, our oldest learner, also played his accordion.  It was a thoroughly enjoyable evening, and we will probably make it an annual event.  Thanks to everyone who took part and those who provided the lovely food.

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