"“ … they were come unto the land of Beulah, where … the trumpets continually sound so melodiously."

Sunday, 14 June 2015

"Silly Season" begins

Well what I like to call the "silly season" has started; no let up now till the end of summer (which barely seems to have begun yet, weather-wise).  Our first two jobs are over, and they couldn't have been more different in every possible way.  Last Saturday we played for Denbighshire Learning Disability Forum Fun Day in Prestatyn.  There were lots of activities going on around us, so there was quite a bit of noise to compete with, and we were playing in a large conservatory, with the sun beating down, so much so that "jackets off" soon became the order of the day, to prevent us all from melting!

Conttrast this with the job yesterday - our annual date at Colwyn Bay Community Hospital Fete, where the weather is normally gloriously sunny and warm.  Not so on 13th June 2015, oh no.  Rather than "Jackets off" it was more a case of "jumpers and gloves on."  OK the threatened rain kept away, but by gum it was very cold - so much so that we played Vivaldi's Winter to reflect the "summer" temperature!!!!  Fingers crossed for some improvement as the season progresses.